My Gists

Notes, code snippets, cheat sheets ... mostly IT admin stuff that was helpful to me at some point.


You're looking at it. Keeps your personal website updated by collecting your posts from elsewhere on the web. Add some static content and you're done.


A very lo-fi language guide and vocabulary trainer I more or less wrote for personal use only.


Adds various functionalities to Jekyll: Automatically generate print versions of pages, table of contents, breadcrumbs, link helpers


A simple flash card application for Android-based mobile phones. Uses vocabulario as data back end. Download latest built here.


Shortcut is a simple routing tool, built with Rails/Postgis and based heavily on Google Maps APIs (JS Maps V3, Directions, Geocode, Places).

darkly absurd

I'm running author and musician St. James' website. Features quiet a lot of his work - novel excerpts, poems short stories, and several songs as well.

spencer brown

Designed and developed the website of professional photographer Spencer Brown. Built it on Radiant CMS.

Wait, there's more

I haven't published any of my studies and papers here, ranging from statistics to international finance to strategy. Please contact me if you're interested.